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June 2014: After many years, we've finally got our arses into gear and got a proper club forum up and running (well, officially it's the second one, but the origina hosting company was rubbish and deleted it without any notice).

Anyway, we're going to close the forum's on this site and move all further discussion to our new, shiny forum at the ARBBL forum  Please feel free to sign up and join the discussion there.

And if you're looking to pick up games locally, check out the two local web stores: Hades Games and Angry Badger Gaming. If neither of them stock it, get in contact, and I'm sure one can get it.


About us

 Albion Rules Blood Bowl League. Darkson's name for our Blood Bowl rules and hence the tourny name, if I remember correctly. As everyone knew us as the "ARBBL club", we've taken that name. We are a bunch of old-school gamers, doing this for more years than we care to remember.

We play the following gaming systems and quite often generate our own spinoffs or scenarios to make the game more humorous, deadly or just to see how far our mad ideas can really be stretched.

Games played so far

  • Necromunda, GorkaMorka, 40K (patrol & normal rules)
  • Fantasy, Path to Glory, Talisman, Mordheim, Blood Bowl, Quest, Ancients
  • Warmachine / Hordes
  • Dreadball
  • Various board games - X-wing, Blood Bowl:Team Manager, Zombiecide, Ankh-Morpork and others
  • Other games, such as Fluxx, Cthulu dice and Munchkin

Willing to give any system a go.


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